Surface dweller PCs

If you wish you can build a surface dweller as before please make a level 2 character. Available races include Dragonborn, goblins, gnolls, hobgoblins, kobolds, lizardfolk, and saurials.

Lizardfolk and Saurials aren’t in the character builder. Saurials may begin the game with muskets and grenades.

Pretty much still no divine powers source classes. So no avengers, clerics, paladins, runepriests, but if you are a Saurial you may choose to be an Invoker though you worship no god. Additionally, Arcane power source classes are restricted, except for Fey and Star Pact Warlocks.

If you are a primal power source class you must have been instructed in your class by the Circle of Sarnath.

No restriction on Martial classes.

Finally as for magic items: your character gets 3 potions of seventh level or less, one magic item of 3rd level and one magic item of 2nd level. If you are a Saurial you may begin the game with a non-magical Musket and a single grenade.

Surface dweller PCs

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