Weird Tales of Cold Blooded Sword and Sorcery

When last we played...

Following the heroic sacrifice and death of the storm dragon, Kee’ra’mak in the battle for the Habiliment of Sino Dux (a giant mechanical lobster from Magnarn’s Hoard) the crew committed suicide and those that could not for honor sake, kill themselves, were forced to serve Kee’ra’mak’s “servants” in a life debt for in the religion of the dragonborn of Magnarn’s Hoard, dragons are gods who have taken mortal guise to lead the lesser races to wisdom and honor. For the great Magnarn is their high priest and that is the doctrine he preaches.

The “servants,” were in fact the Quarocui-Rar or overseers of the surface settlement of New Razicore: Arcanissar Eli, of the Tower of Levethix; Myrmidon Laszh, of the Shivi Delvers (Colonial Guard); Turalisj Sauriv Pico, of the settlement’s Irthos Thesek (the secret police); Tharm Naktar Aras, the Mistress of Trade; unfortunately Torrin the Frost Mage, hero of the Darkling War had also fallen in the battle.

The remaining Quarocui-Rar returned to New Razicore to bury their dead, deliver a shipment of magical items (much needed supplies on the surface), and issue new orders to the colonists under their watch. On their way, they discovered a great walled and crystal domed trading post on the coast of the lush jungle island, the trading post was inhabited by a race of Tortles, strange lizard creatures with a hard shell, the Tortles were master builders of defensive structures and had some how remained uncorrupted on the surface. After a month of rest, they heroically set off once more in the jungles of the island in search of a lost library of the ancient Council of Wyrms.

Using the ancient legends and secret maps recovered from the Temple of the Sacred Venom, the Quarocui-Rar took the Habiliment of Sino Dux to find the Lost Library. And find it they did, surrounded by a cloud of poison spores and hissing acid pools, the above ground sections of the library were ruined with the exception of five massive towers on the edges of the ruins. Glowing markings on the exterior of the towers identified them as the towers of Greed; Long-Life; Lust; Pride; and Strength. In the ancient days each tower was a magical storehouse of knowledge related to the virtue enshrined by the tower. The Quarocui-Rar noticed that the wavy sinuous shadows cast by the five towers seemed to project five shadowy syllables of a magical word of power, the syllables seemed to change depending on the hour of the day and position of the double suns in the sky. Arcanissar Eli promised to dedicate considerable time teasing out their secrets once they had liberated a copy of the legendary Manual of Gainful Exercise from the Tower of Strength.

The Quarocui-Rar decided to use the Habiliment to dig into the subterranean section of the Tower of Strength. They discovered that the Tower contained memory crystals containing knowledge of Draconic martial arts, strength enhancing magics, exercise routines for fortifying a dragons mind against mental attack, and recipes for strength boosting dishes and drinks, and other related topics. They also found trapped magical beasts, valued for their incredible strength or some component that could be harvested from their body to fuel a ritual that would enhance the strength of the recipient.



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