Weird Tales of Cold Blooded Sword and Sorcery

Traps, traps, and more traps!

On Monday of this week, I ran the third session of the campaign. The PCs, Raxacoriko, Durk and Gurk (two drunken spider riding kobolds), and Raukhiss, arrived via linked portal at the Lost Temple of Io in the Foulgrove Jungle. Eli immediately gathered the components and started the long process of enchanting a vial of holy water. Laszh and Peko decided to explore and quickly discovered a circle of petrified dragonborn inside a magic circle of protection which blocked the entrance to the temple ziggurat’s top level. After yelling for Torrin to take a look at the magic circle, Torrin stole Eli’s everburning torch and climbed up to where the others were. With a little work, Torrin managed to dispel the binding ward but while he was working Eli, Durk, Gurk, and Raukhiss were ambushed by a Dimensional Marauder and some Grue. Realizing that Grue feared the light, the party rushed to fend off the ambush and made short work of the grue.

Entering the Temple…


A temple of Gygaxian style trapsmithing, but it is something i greatly enjoy since Traps are just mechanical. you can’t have a grudge against a trap for killing you, plus they are like puzzles which i enjoy…until someone sets them off by accident. Still, good times.

Traps, traps, and more traps!

The funny or sad part, depending on how you look at it, was that Peko had solved the riddle translated by Eli just before other players accidentally triggered them.

Traps, traps, and more traps!

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