Weird Tales of Cold Blooded Sword and Sorcery

Yarp Yip Yarp!

Piko finds no carpet!

Yarp Yarp! h1. Peko’s Journal: July 26.

We was about to rest up in Zarnoth, after we’s killed the black monk that turn to jelly icky-one with the acid. Torren need rest, he head become clutch for Squallid Spitter, he no listen to burn before touching icky-ones. Mummy said he make it better by blowing clutch up, it look ouchies. Yarp! And then we is about to rest, when Revan Mummy went look at icky-ones growing in trees, i look at what happen as icky-ones appear out nowheres, They was ouching monk and mummy. Me think me felt eyes looking at me, so me hidey and turn ghostey. I sees then more notseen icky-ones, one look like trees and one look like snakey. Piko is about to try killey icky-one when Dragonborn with shinyshiny armor hit them icky-ones. they’s splits and while Piko go see where they goes Colossal Icky-one come out of nowheres. He too big so Kobold run, we go into giant holeyhole which done by odd klicketyspring them Dragonborn have. We go follow lizardlady lead thru bad jungle, find sickysickjuice froggies. Yarp! then we goes find Dragonborn camps, Piko see they no have carpet. Carpet not real. There is no carpet, just like cake. Piko go down into giant klicketyspring they have and see many soldiers. Piko tell group and they just want to take giant klicketyspring thing that look like crabby. They forget about 100 soldiers in there. I’s just wanted take nice pointy stick from their Captain, but Piko know he here to killey icky-ones, not takey takey, not like poor Piro who take Izeel snake lady books to show Razakorex. He not seen ever again, dumbey dumb snake lady no listen to Razacorex, Piko shoulda killey snake lady but Razacorex say that what she likey. Piko no get snake people!

So we zappyzap to tower of Iceclaw, he no drunk. he too busy getting attacked, we go underground to holeyhole where he show us way to get back to Underdark. Me can’t wait tell Vakuul fat kobold about colossal icky-one and many icky-ones. Me show this, he tell Razacorex and we get rid of Icky-ones.


Oh the hilarity with aberration harvesting. Drat! I just realized the fortune’s nod boone potion was not my highest level item, which means I lost my level 5 staff. On the upside I still have fortune’s nod.

Yarp Yip Yarp!

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