Village of Sisruk'gug

Sisruk’gug is a small village in the mudflats of the Foulgrove Jungle.

Population: 350. The villagers of Sisruk’gug are mostly depraved lizardfolk who engage in blasphemous and foul rituals to appease the mad entities of the Far Realm. The folk of Sisruk’gug dwell in ramshackle wicker huts covered in mud.

Government: The current village cult leader is a lizardfolk called Blind Azhar who murdered and ate the previous leader after her apparent failure to birth a half-far spawn. Blind Azhar has converted much of the village to ritual cannibalism.

Defense: The village can muster 20 crazed lizardfolk rabble and sometimes summon upon a carrion crawler but have yet to learn to control the creature. These defenders have become increasingly useful the villagers cope with attacks from the nearby village of Sarnath which lies ten miles to the north west on the far edge of the mudflats.

Village of Sisruk'gug

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