Village of Sarnath

Protected by a circle of Druids, the tiny village of Sarnath offers safe haven to those still free of the madness and physical corruption of the Far Realm. Still Sarnath is no paradise, it faces constant threats from the jungle: mad cultists and mutants assail its thriving serpentwood eucalyptus palisades.

The village is governed by two druids, Kelkzaf the peace chief and Io’kux the war chief who are in considerable conflict. The Io’kux cannot declare war without the approval of the peace chief Kelkzaf. Io’kux is married to the warrior druid Arylfar whose daughter, has been taken as a slave by raiders. Io’kux is both upset for his mate’s grief and happy that his spear carriers fought the raiders off before anyone else could be taken.

The village is also notable in that all the dwellings are under the mud surrounded and supported by trees. Near the center of the village is a sacred grove of white zilais trees that the druids use as their official seat of government. Ritual casters can perform rituals equal to their level + 4 within the grove as long as the ritual uses Nature as a key skill.

Notable NPCs include:

  1. Arylfar the Spider (kobold): Arylfar is one of the best warriors in the village and a members of the druid circle. Her daughter Lrryl was taken by raiders in the jungle while she was harvesting mango fruit. She is the wife of Io’kux, the war chief.
  2. Fahved (kobold) is one of Kelkzaf’s hunters who saw Lrryl taken by raiders.
  3. Gauzzad Iceclaw (lizardfolk): Gauzzad is an elderly frost themed wizard whose tower is located in the swamps to the north of the village. He frequently provides aid to the villagers in the form of charms and potions in exchange for food and the comforts provided by the villagers. Gauzzad currently is thinking of taking another apprentice.
  4. Neevdior (lizardfolk): Neevdior is a psychic plagued by visions of doom. She and her hatchlings are also easily agitated fruit gatherers.
  5. Kelkzaf (lizardfolk): Kelkzaf is another member of the druid circle, he is in charge of harvesting foodstuffs for the village and leads in times of peace.
  6. Io’kux (kobold): Io’kux is the village’s sullen beast master warchief. He wants to wipe the cultists of the nearby village of Ssruk’gug from the face of the island but knows that Kelkzaf would never agree to such wholesale slaughter.
  7. Thinker (kobold): is a absent minded trap builder who works with Arylfar to build improve and maintain the villages defenses.

Village of Sarnath

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