Sentinel of Winter

Sometimes the best way to survive is to endure. This is the primal lesson of winter, and it’s the one at the core of your relationship to nature. After the coming of the Star Spawn and their servitors, life on the Blood Isles became hard. The land was blighted and resources quickly became scarce. You believe that the end of the dark times is at hand and often will try to help it along, whether hunting aberrations or putting mutant hatchlings to the sword. After all only fittest deserve to survive and repopulate in the new spring that is to follow this age.

You gain the following benefits:

Your animal companion is a giant shard spider.
You gain proficiency with the net.
When you use a weapon from the net, sling, or spear weapon groups that has a damage die
smaller than 1d8, the damage die for that weapon increases to 1d8.
You can use a net or sling for druid powers that stipulate a melee weapon range, treating them as ranged weapon powers for this purpose. Targets you hit with a net are considered restrained.
You gain a +2 bonus to Endurance checks.

Shard Spider
Large natural beast (spider)
HP your bloodied value; Initiative equal to yours
AC 17, Fortitude 13, Reflex 15, Will 13; Perception equal to yours,
(Add your level to each defense)
Speed 6, climb 6 (spiderclimb); Tremorsense 5

Traits: Desperate Savagery * Aura 1
All creatures in the aura grant combat advantage. Your allies also deal 5 extra psychic damage to attack bloodied enemies in the aura.


[M] Bite • At-Will
Attack: Melee 1 (one creature); your level +5 vs. AC
Hit: 1d12 + your Wisdom modifier + your Constitution modifier poison damage.
Level 13: 1d12 + 1d6 + your Wisdom modifier + your Constitution modifier poison damage.
Level 23: 2d12 + 2d6 + your Wisdom modifier + your Constitution modifier poison damage.
Str 14 Dex 20 Wis 14
Con 16 Int 2 Cha 6

Level 13: Paragon of the Natural Cycle
Benefit: Allies you target with powers that have the healing keyword gain resist all damage equal to your Constitution modifier until the start of your next turn.

Sentinel of Winter

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