NPCs of the Nameless City

Amnon of the Black Robes is a tiefling necromancer who rents out his services reanimating, controlling, or on occasion, restoring the dead to life. Rumor has it, he has made several unsuccessful attempts to buy a particularly strange horned gladiator from the beholder-kin Zagyx Four-Eyes. It is also whispered that he will purchase the soul of any person who agrees to sell him theirs for a nominal fee.

Azrak the Beholder is a frequent participant in the Games, with a much deserved reputation for slaughtering its challengers. Most consider Azrak to be a safe bet in the matches to the death but it has also been disqualified for killing its challengers in the less frequent matches to first blood between freemen. The beholder is rumored to pay exorbitantly for slaves with talent at mining. Azrak regularly hires sentient beings to accompany a trade caravan back to a beholder hive in the south, and guard the slaves in the caravan from attack or escape attempts. Those that have made the journey before can attest to the fact that their safe passage to the hive and back was assured by a compact with Azrak sealed by powers of the caretakers and honored.

Doop is a depressing kuo-toa that mopes around the nameless city, only perking up when watching gladiators fight and die in the Games. Doop stinks of rotting fish and when she speaks at all it is usually an apathetic reminder “that in time even the stars will fade and die.” Doop is also a representative of the Akuoloopa, her peoples trade guild and her duties include serving as a bookie for wagers on the Games.

Ixathinon is one of the illithid caretakers most often seen overseeing the Games.
Recognizable in its crested form fitting pink and purple robes, it can often be seen accompanied by dozens of glassy eyed thralls who carry it around on a litter. When threatened, Ixathinon calls upon a Umberhulk of unusual size for defense.
For the fee of one fresh natural humanoid brain per person to be bound, Ixathinon, like most caretakers, can draw upon its formidable psionic power to seal agreements between willing parties. Henceforth each time either party breaches the wording of the agreement in any way, they suffer a powerful but temporary psychic curse which lasts 24 hours before abating.

Nyraala is one of the primary illithid enforcers of the nameless city. Nyraala is particularly striking in that it wears a bulbous half mask over the right side of its face inset with a large emerald and unlike all the other illithids it hefts a six foot long crystal sword in addition to wearing glistening exoarmor. Oddest of all it is never seen with any thralls in tow nor does it ever seem to ride in a litter, preferring to glide everywhere in utter silence. Nyraala is rumored to be able to call upon no less than six iron golems when the need arises.

Sacharlim is a yuan-ti warlock who pulls double duty in both the auction house as the primary auctioneer as well as running a small stall in the market where she purchases second hand magical implements for full market prices.

Sarna is a kobold veteran gladiator slave owned by the beholder-kin Zagyx Four-Eyes. She has a reputation as one of the best slave gladiators in the area with a current score of one hundred and eleven wins out of one hundred and eleven death matches. Four-Eyes is careful never to risk his prize winning slave in a fight with a free gladiator as the edicts state that a slave gladiator may win its freedom by killing a free gladiator in the arena.

Subhadip is a neogi slaver from Sunlit Cave on a trade mission to acquire precious Umberhulk eggs in exchange for a shipment of slaves from another world. It has its nose out for bargains and rubes it can intimidate into making a poor deal or capture on the sly.

Torgo is a half-illithid lizardfolk, seemingly the result of a botched attempt to convert a lizardfolk into an illithid through some bizarre proccess. Torgo struggles to be the mouth piece of his masters often shouting such things as “THe MASTer would NOt APProvE!” as he wanders around the nameless city. Torgo is to his credit an excellent source of the current edicts that his masters have issued and many inhabitants frequently seek him out in order to learn if new edicts have been issued by the rulers of the city as well as other news.

Ullip is a grell philosopher from the Kragg clan who like most Kragg believe the only ethical way to devour sentient species is to first use psychic surgery to modify the memories of such prey to make their victims want to be eaten. Ullip often engages other sentients in debate over these issues and more. When Ullip is not engaged in debate it offers its services as a healer to those slaves injured in the Games as well as those who request its services.

Zagyx Four-Eyes is a particularly odd beholder kin. Similar to the six eyed beholder gauth, except that two of his six eyestalks end in beaks and its central eye is said to emit the anti-magic field of a true beholder. Zagyx is a bit of an enigma in its interactions with other beholders, first by refering to itself as a he and second for apologizing to other beholders for its offensive appearance and inferior abilities. Four-eyes owns over a dozen gladiator slaves and spends much of its time entering them into the Games and betting substantial sums on them. Frequently spending its winnings purchasing new slaves at the market or at the auction house run by the Black Constellation society.

NPCs of the Nameless City

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