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This is where you will review what options are available and decide what you wish to play.

The dragonborn warrior priests of Io remained behind with many powerful dragons to stall the advance of the terrible tentacled farspawn long enough that the younger dragons could ferry most of the people away to safety. Only those dragonborn too old or young to fight accompanied the young dragons and wyrmlings on their retreat underground.

Once most were underground, the kobolds collapsed the tunnels and sealed up the refuges and sanctuaries so that none could reach them. The people were safe, but the sanctuaries were separated from one another by vast distances.


The people that were rescued by Razecorex consisted mostly of kobolds, lizardfolk, yuan’ti and a few dragonborn eggs that soon hatched in the safety of the magically warded lair of the green dragon witch.

It has been one hundred years to the day of the retreat to the deeps beneath the mountain. The traditions of Arcane magic, Martial prowess, Psionic discipline, and Primal power have survived in the isolated underground sanctuary. The secret rituals and devotions that once empowered agents of the Divine have long been lost, but the emissaries of the Witch sent to the surface have found and returned a single undead cleric of the dead god Io. The cleric, who calls himself Riven has begun to initiate others into the clergy of Io. Essentially, the only Divine class available is the cleric but characters may multiclass as clerics, paladins, or rune priests (but not avengers, invokers or blackguards as of yet). Razecorex has long sought the knowledge to restore the dragonborn to their rightful place as warrior priests and now many are once again dedicating themselves to the defense of dragonkind. The green dragon witch has forbade her the dwellers from the accursed path of Shadow. Only the most secretive of the Star Cults can instruct their members in the powers of Shadow.

Things have been anything but peaceful for the generations of survivors who have dwelt beneath the mountain: strange fungal creatures raid the cellars from beneath, as do small bands of crazed blind troglodytes, and far worse are the aberrations that make their home in the deeps beneath the sanctuary. The mountain is riddled with caves and some tunnels connect to a vast network of underground passages that is still unmapped. Many of these tunnels have been flooded for centuries by the constant descent of the Twin Tree river as it flows ever deeper into the dark deeplands. It has been only a clawful of years since the tremors stilled and the storms subsided, and so Razecorex has been preparing her dwellers for the time to emerge will soon be at hand.

Please make a level 6 character of one of the above races (dragonborn, kobold, or a lizardfolk, or a yuan’ti) and of a non-divine class such as an artificer, ardent, barbarian, bard, battlemind, druid, fighter, monk, psion, ranger, rogue, shaman, seeker, sorcerer, warden, warlock, warlord, or wizard. You may also play a level 6 dragon using the Companion character rules from DMG2.

Don’t forget to pick or write a brief character background. Only general backgrounds from the Character Builder will be accepted.

Before they leave the hidden sanctuary of Twin Trees, each of the reptilian champions is also telepathically bonded with a riding lizard and presented with a magical weapon forged by the kobold artificers of Twin Trees. Additionally, you must pick one 7th level magic item, one 6th level item, and have 2,000 gold pieces with which to purchase additional gear. Check out the changes to the standard equipment. If you take a Military (delver), Trapsmith, or Warlock background you may receive a specific extra item or two.


House Rule: Cold Blooded Heroes

When building your character you have a choice to make. Most reptilian creatures: dragons, dragonborn, kobolds, lizardfolk, troglodytes, yuan’ti etc. are vulnerable to cold, suffering 5 points of additional damage from cold.

Such as frozen environments and injury from powers with the cold keyword. However as heroic character you may choose instead to suffer from the slowed condition (save ends) instead of taking additional damage from your cold vulnerability. The slowed condition reduces your speed to 2 until you make a successful save at the end of your turn.

The choice must be made when you build your character and cannot be changed thereafter. If by some chance you should develop a resistance to cold of 5+ then your vulnerability is effectively negated. You should also note that most aberrant creatures are likewise vulnerable to psychic damage.

Constructs such as golems, homunculi, and warforged now have vulnerable 5 thunder. Thunder damage being the new sonic. Fey creatures have vulnerable 10 poison. Plant creatures have vulnerable 5 fire.

Force damage ignores the insubstantial resistance. Creatures that are insubstantial normally take half damage from all sources of damage except their vulnerabilities. This makes them a terrible pain to fight. Previous editions of D&D had force damage being the premiere energy to use on ethereal/insubstantial creatures. I cleared this with everyone last session. M, and E. agreed, S seemed to abstain.

Recent Events
Emissaries of the green Dragon witch Razecorex have founded a colony on the surface around the ruins of the conquered village of Sisruk’gug and are in the process of rebuilding the village and fortifying against aberrations. The village is linked by teleportation circle to the sanctuary vault of Twin Trees.

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