Lost Temple in the Foulgrove

Sculpted from a single piece of gold veined jasper, the ziggurat rises seventy feet into the air providing a commanding vantage point of the foulgrove jungle surrounding it. The temple is topped by ruby wreathed in fire from which arcs of golden radiance snake and sparkle through the air like a quivering whip.

The lower reaches of the temple are clogged by scabrous gray-green slime, but a platform some 30 feet up holds a teleportation circle cut into the glassy red stone. A nearby gate some 10 feet wide x 7 feet high is set into the stone a dozen paces away, around the entrance stand a phalanx of five life sized granite dragonborn warriors that appear to have been frozen in stone.

Around the dragonborn statues enscribed on the floor before the entrance is a circle of Io’kharic glyphs that glow with a faint blue white light. PCs trained in Arcana recognize these glyphs as arcane symbols of protection that make it difficult for creatures to enter or pass. Any creature that attempts to pass through the circle takes 12 force damage and disrupts the binding ritual.

Inside is a chamber 7×8 squares around.

Written on the wall in Iokharic are the words

"There is very little time left, now pay attention."

Below written in strange normally unreadable letters are….

Take seven steps to the secret passageway.
The first means to move through the air.
The second means to breathe deep.
The third means to sit a spell.
The fourth is one to the right.
The fifth is over one more
The six is on the edge.
The last reveals all.

Lost Temple in the Foulgrove

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