Lizard Kingdom Backgrounds

First introduced for 4e in PHB II, character backgrounds are a short and simple way to help add definition to your newly created character. Rather than write out a short paragraph of no more than five sentences defining a couple of NPCs connected to your character (a rival and an ally) and a problem that your character would like to resolve. I’m allowing any of the general backgrounds as well as a few setting specific ones detailed below.

Regardless of how many background elements you use, when you create a character you can select only one of the following background benefits:

✦ Gain a +2 bonus to checks with a skill associated with your background.
✦ Add a skill associated with your background to your class’s skills list before you choose your trained skills.
✦ Choose one language connected to your background. You can speak, read, and write that language fluently.
✦ A(n) occupational, racial or regional benefit.


Gloaming Vassal: You have sworn a pact of allegiance to one of the Archfey of the Gloaming 
Court. Which of the Archfey do you serve? The Prince of Hearts? The Moonmaiden? Or the Witch 
of Fate? Now that you have come to the world of Wyrms, do you miss the seasons and long for 
the long nights of your home plane?
Associated Skills: Arcana, Stealth
Regional Benefit: Your origin changes to fey if it isn’t already, so you are considered a 
fey creature for all effects related to creature origin. You also gain darkvision out to 5 


Underdark (Shallows): 
You were raised below the surface in a hidden sanctuary. Are you a native of the hidden 
sanctuary of Twin Trees or were you from a lost sanctuary of another dragon savior that fell 
in the times since the Great Cataclysm? How have you contributed to the survival of your 
brethren in the tunnels of the sanctuary? Are you afraid to return to the surface as 
Razecorex commands?
Associated Skills: Endurance, Dungeoneering


Military (delver):
You served as a delver, one of the soldiers that defends Twin Trees from the innumerable 
dangers that inhabit the shallows and the deeps of the Underdark. Were you conscripted, or 
did you volunteer? What was your rank? How did you leave the service? If you haven’t left, 
describe the circumstances under which you still serve while also adventuring.
Associated Skills: Athletics, Endurance
Occupational Benefit: You mastered the Trackers Eye martial practice, and can substitute 
Dungeoneering for Nature or Perception checks to use the practice while underground.
Special: Characters with this background also gain a suit of delver's armor +1, and a 
delver's kit.
You were apprenticed to a master kobold trapsmith smith from the minute you left the clutch. 
Master Meklat instructed you on the ins and outs of trap making, and you have served the 
hidden sanctuary of Twin Trees with distinction inventing even more deceptive obstacles in 
the defense of the underground city. Did you serve in the Darkling Wars beneath the 
sanctuary? Or have you never left the dark tunnels?
Associated Skills: Insight, Thievery
Occupational Benefit: You have mastered the Snare ritual and can perform it in one minute, 
instead of 10 minutes, substituting Thievery for Nature. You have also memorized the  
Blastpatch alchemical formula and can create blast crystal powder of your level + 2.


Unlike your brethren dwellers, you have no desire to blindly follow that uncrowned witch 
queen Razecorex. Sure she helped escort the ancestors to the caverns you now call 
the hidden sanctuary but so did dozens of dragonborn alcolytes, kobold miners, 
lizardfolk warriors, and yuan-ti spies. Certainly, they should have had a say in how the 
sanctuary was run? Why then are we supposed to bow and scrap, fight and die for that big 
green wyrm and her little know it all hatchlings? Where did those things come from anyway? 
Its not like there are any other dragons around. Didn't they all die in the Cataclysm?
Associated Skills: Bluff, History


Half Dragon:
You were born from a dalliance between Mistress Razecorex while she had adopted a humanoid 
form and one of the many dwellers of the hidden sanctuary. What is the relationship between 
your father and the green dragon? Did you grow up in privilege as a recognized heir or were 
you a regretted bastard? How do you relate to pure blooded members of your kind? Do they 
fear your monstrous nature?
Associated Skills: Endurance, Intimidate
Racial Benefit: You have inherited a poisonous draconic breath weapon as racial daily power. 
Standard action: Close blast 3; Level + 2 vs. Reflex; 1d10 + Constitution modifier 
poison damage. You also are treated as a dragonborn for the purpose of taking breath weapon 
feats. Note: If you are a dragonborn, simply chose poison for your breath weapon's 
damage type and you once per day you can unleash a slightly more potent spray of poison in 
addition to your racial encounter power. The power's damage scales as normal: 2d10 at 11th 
level and 3d10 at 21st.
Rare Egg:
The egg that you hatched from was unusual in a way that your people consider auspicious.
It might have had the appearance of burnished gold, carried a pattern that resembled a 
significant symbol, or broken cleanly into two pieces when you emerged. How much weight do 
you attach to this phenomenon? What do you think it means, and what did your parents think?
Associated Skills: Arcana, Religion
Racial Benefit: You have the innate ability to perform exploration rituals at your level + 4 
as if you possessed the ritual caster feat.

Warlock Pact

Blasphemous Bargain of Zargon:
Prerequisite: Star Pact Warlock
In exchange for your blood stained oaths to the mad entity named the Returner, in the oozing 
black tablets that of forbidden lore that you uncovered, one you lost was returned to you 
from the void. In time, you realized that something was different about her. Your powers 
revealed her terrible secret face, but you were unable to bring yourself to destroy her. You 
cannot dwell among your fellow dwellers any longer, should Razecorex or one of her secret 
police discover what you have done before you can fix things...
Dangerous Lore: You seek knowldge of how to sever the bargain that you have made before you 
die and your mind joins Zargon permanently.
Visions of the Void: You suffer from contact with Zargons terrible intelligence, whenever 
you are bloodied you, are subjected to horrific visions of the Far Realm and suffer a -5 
penalty to Perception and Insight checks (save ends). Sometimes these visions offer insights 
into the future.
Associated Skills: Arcana, Dungeoneering
Associated Item: Pseudonatural Graft
Special: Once per encounter, when not using an implement, you may draw on your connection to 
your patron star and for a number of rounds equal to your constitution modifier gain a +5 
power bonus to attack rolls with dire radiance and your warlock daily powers.
Buried Alive:
You were trapped in a cave—the victim of an unfortunate accident or malice. Pinned beneath 
rubble, you wasted away in the darkness for what seemed like days. A mysterious entity 
offered you salvation for a price. What promises did you make to the obscene forms in the 
shadows to secure your freedom?
Associated Skills: Dungeoneering, Endurance
Misc. Benefit: You are treated as having the shadow origin and gain resist necrotic 5. This 
resistance increases to 10 at 11th level, and 15 at 21st level.
Heartsworn Pact:
Prerequisite: Fey Pact Warlock
Encourage Love: The Prince of Hearts revels in mortal love. The character must freely express
her love, and encourage it in others. There is a special joy in tricking hated rivals into 
expressing feelings for one another. 
Follow Instructions: The PC might be called upon to perform specific tasks. Here, these 
tasks are likely to do with protecting lovers or strengthening their bond. The character 
might have some wiggle room with distasteful requests. Directly refusing a request and  
consistent failure can result in a loss of power (such as -1 penalty to attacks with Fey 
Pact powers per extended rest that they refuse to perform their duty).
Mercy to the Fallen: The PC must not kill helpless enemies, this means that the warlock 
cannot perform coup de grace attacks and must take the non-lethal option when reducing a foe 
to 0 hp or less and otherwise make at least an effort to leave her enemies alive.
Associated Skills: Arcana, Insight
Associated Item: Wand of Witchfire +1

Lizard Kingdom Backgrounds

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