Equipment Differences

The hidden sanctuary of Twin Trees lies nearly two miles below the surface of an island in the Cold Sea. Because of this, there are certain recognizable differences in available equipment.

Firstly, there is little cloth not made from giant spider silk, rations tend to be dried mushrooms, ritual books are collections of small stone statues that depict the necessary steps in the ritual since paper is so rare, and ritual scrolls are actually imprinted deep crystal charms.

So for instance: what passes as a Standard Adventurer’s Kit when there are no adventurers?

Delver’s Kit (45 gp) includes: a shoulderpack with two side pouches, a bedroll, flint and steel, a flask of oil, a grappling hook, a glob of clearwater solution, a lantern, ten days of dried mushrooms, ten pitons, 50 feet of silk rope, a small hammer, and a waterskin. Weighs: 42 lbs.

Special: Characters with a delver’s kit gain a +2 bonus to climb checks.

Each of the PCs who state that they have served as a delver (soldier) get a delver’s kit for free.

Those that take a Military background recieve the kit for free and gain a suit of delver’s armor +1 and a kilt from their old unit.

PCs who take the trapsmith background also get two alchemical jolt crystal (consumable shockpatch) boobytraps for free.

Equipment Differences

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