Weird Tales of Cold Blooded Sword and Sorcery

One player absent
First proper session

Laszh’s player was out sick but today marked the first appearance of Eli the Yuan’ti Wizard and Pico the kobold Assassin. I reiterated a bit of exposition about what they’re characters lives have probably been like up until now. Underground dragon ruled police state with frequent purges and spies looking to root out Far Realm cultists. One of the PCs is from such a cabal of mad summoners and the other PC was exiled for using forbidden magical techniques.

The delvers were presented with magical potions of regeneration, as gifts from Razecorex the Green Witch. They were told to take Raxacoriko, her daughter, with them to the surface. Mistress Razecorex instructed them to investigate any rumors of the Divine, and see if they can find out what happened to Io the Silent God, in the past 100 years.

They have also been instructed to find a suitable site for a surface colony. The essential supplies needed by their underground city are running dangerously low.

The PCs attended a bonding ritual where they were telepathically linked to their riding lizards, and they were given 40 days worth of supplies each, assigned some kobold attendants, and loaded everything into rafts made from mushroom people for their journey to the surface.

More on that later.


Another successful campaign was waged in what the folk of Twin Trees have come to call the Darkling War, the sanctuaries continual fight against the monsters that dwell in the dark places that surround their underground haven. The delvers who managed to return from the battles against the Grell, arrived at the black gate of Twin Trees. Two of their number who had made a name for themselves in the battles against the twisted Grell, had been selected for an audience with Lady Razecorex, the defacto ruler of the hidden sanctuary.

However a sudden tremor, blocked their path with falling rocks and made them aware of a hidden force of Myconids that were burrowing into the fortresses food harvesting cellars. The two delvers joined forces with two kobold guards and were able to beat back the initial invasion force and save some farmers including Vux the Elder.

They had little time to worry before a kobold mining team restored access to the sealed sublevel, and the two delvers were conducted up to an audience with the Green Dragon witch Razecorex who desires that a colony be established on the surface, and has assembled a team of General Balasar’s finest delvers to lead an expedition to determine the situation on the surface and local a suitable site for a colony.

Furthermore, the expedition is to prioritize finding any religious idols and texts to further research into why Io refuses to answer prayers of supplication or ordain new warrior priests.

Lastly, they are supposed to take one of Razecorex’s wyrmling brood that is growing rebellious and let her stretch her wings underneath the Twin Suns.

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