Io's Blood Reliquary


This ruby capped crystal vial contains a droplet of silvery red blood collected from that spilled by the Concordant Dragon as he fought Ulban in the Cataclysm. The drinker of this ichor taps into Io’s ancient strength.

The single droplet of the blood that the reliquary contains allows it to function as a +2 holy symbol or magic rod. When awakened by the presence of divine power, the droplet multiplies filling the vial.

Wondrous Item

Property: Gain resist 5 acid, resist 5 cold, resist 5 fire, resist 5 lightning, and 
resist 5 poison.
Property: Your attacks deal 2d8 extra damage against targets of the aberrant origin.
Property: You can perform the Call Wilderness Guide ritual without expending any components 
and substitute Arcana for Nature in order to perform the ritual using the blood as a focus.
Property: You can speak and understand Draconic and can read lokharic.
Power (Encounter * Consumable, Healing): Minor Action. You sip from the Blood of lo and 
spend a healing surge. Instead of the hit points you would normally regain, you regain 30 hit
points, gain resist 10 to all damage until the start of your next turn, and you gain the 
following two powers until the end of the encounter. You also lose one point of Concordance 
and your scales permanently pale a shade. If you share the blood with another creature you 
lose 2 Concordance and they become attuned to the artifact gaining their own Concordance 
Radiant Vengeance of Io (At-Will * Divine, Healing, Implement, Radiant): After drinking a 
sip of Io's blood you gain an at-will attack power that requires a standard action to use: 
ranged 10; one creature; Your level + 5 vs. Will; 1d6 radiant damage and the next creature 
to attack the target gains temporary hit points equal to your Constitution modifier.
Dying Breath of Io (Encounter * Acid, Cold, Divine, Fire, Lightning, Radiant): After 
drinking a sip of Io's blood you gain an encounter attack power that requires a standard 
action to use: close blast 5; Your level + 8 vs. Reflex; 4d6 + Constitution modifier damage 
of a type you choose from among acid, cold, fire, lightning, poison, or radiant. 
Effect: The target of the Dying Breath gains vulnerable 5 to the type of damage dealt by the 
breath until you are bloodied or the end of the encounter. 
After effect: Once you have expended this encounter attack power you are weakened (save ends).


+ Serve and protect chromatic and metallic dragons.

+ Destroy draconic abominations such as draconians, dragonspawn, and dragons touched by the Far Realm.

+ Oppose aberrant creatures and their designs.

+ Resurrect Io.

CONCORDANCE Starting score 5
Each attuned creature gains a level +1d10
Attuned creature is a dragon or dragoborn +1
Attuned creatures perform a service for a chromatic or metallic dragon +1
Attuned creatures kill an aberration (maximum 1/day) +1
Attuned creatures attack a dragon (maximum l/encounter) -1
Attuned creatures drink from the artifact -1

Io's Blood Reliquary

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