Weird Tales of Cold Blooded Sword and Sorcery

Yarp Mirp Mirp!

August 9, 2010

As we goes into room after deady-killing firey ones. We see treasures and book. Someone’s decides to grabs book which makes giant shiny in ceiling shoot firey sparkies and then door starts. It have big fire-dragon thingy. It not real dragon, it made of fire. The fire-dragon him hard to hit. he melty floor and we slides down. We beats him and he gets to talkies, tells of his Master and how he want burny whole world. He talkies of we lets him live and give us many treasure. As he talks, drinky-ice wizard decides to kills it. It dies but now we no have way to get treasure. Treasure in melty rock river, the wizard and Mummy helpls by having melty rock river turn solid so we get tresaures. They have many thingies, I keep statue of Fishy that lets me have giant fishy to help me, and bow that is firey but it no have arrows, only very special arrow Peko must save. There many thingies, but there is map. It show us how to try get home. After we open treaure we see what in little hole in entrance, they have little firey ones. We grabs big bagggy water and decides to drowns them. Like when we drowns them ants…except whenever we does that we always have ants try bite, wonder what little firey ones want do to us?


Since most of these events have happened within 1 day, Eli hopes to report back to base then return via portal to the surface and rescue the kidnapped Sarnathian villagers from Blind Azar.

Yarp Mirp Mirp!

Next session, I was planning for Eli to receive a sending from the old kobold acolyte of the secret order of Io.

“Thank you for sending relief troops. Siege broken. Spider missing. Black priests killed in blizzard with most of Aizhar’s army. Captives freed. Sisrukgug safe now.”

Since its a sending, he can respond with 25 words or less.

Yarp Mirp Mirp!

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