Weird Tales of Cold Blooded Sword and Sorcery

When last we played...

Following the heroic sacrifice and death of the storm dragon, Kee’ra’mak in the battle for the Habiliment of Sino Dux (a giant mechanical lobster from Magnarn’s Hoard) the crew committed suicide and those that could not for honor sake, kill themselves, were forced to serve Kee’ra’mak’s “servants” in a life debt for in the religion of the dragonborn of Magnarn’s Hoard, dragons are gods who have taken mortal guise to lead the lesser races to wisdom and honor. For the great Magnarn is their high priest and that is the doctrine he preaches.

The “servants,” were in fact the Quarocui-Rar or overseers of the surface settlement of New Razicore: Arcanissar Eli, of the Tower of Levethix; Myrmidon Laszh, of the Shivi Delvers (Colonial Guard); Turalisj Sauriv Pico, of the settlement’s Irthos Thesek (the secret police); Tharm Naktar Aras, the Mistress of Trade; unfortunately Torrin the Frost Mage, hero of the Darkling War had also fallen in the battle.

The remaining Quarocui-Rar returned to New Razicore to bury their dead, deliver a shipment of magical items (much needed supplies on the surface), and issue new orders to the colonists under their watch. On their way, they discovered a great walled and crystal domed trading post on the coast of the lush jungle island, the trading post was inhabited by a race of Tortles, strange lizard creatures with a hard shell, the Tortles were master builders of defensive structures and had some how remained uncorrupted on the surface. After a month of rest, they heroically set off once more in the jungles of the island in search of a lost library of the ancient Council of Wyrms.

Using the ancient legends and secret maps recovered from the Temple of the Sacred Venom, the Quarocui-Rar took the Habiliment of Sino Dux to find the Lost Library. And find it they did, surrounded by a cloud of poison spores and hissing acid pools, the above ground sections of the library were ruined with the exception of five massive towers on the edges of the ruins. Glowing markings on the exterior of the towers identified them as the towers of Greed; Long-Life; Lust; Pride; and Strength. In the ancient days each tower was a magical storehouse of knowledge related to the virtue enshrined by the tower. The Quarocui-Rar noticed that the wavy sinuous shadows cast by the five towers seemed to project five shadowy syllables of a magical word of power, the syllables seemed to change depending on the hour of the day and position of the double suns in the sky. Arcanissar Eli promised to dedicate considerable time teasing out their secrets once they had liberated a copy of the legendary Manual of Gainful Exercise from the Tower of Strength.

The Quarocui-Rar decided to use the Habiliment to dig into the subterranean section of the Tower of Strength. They discovered that the Tower contained memory crystals containing knowledge of Draconic martial arts, strength enhancing magics, exercise routines for fortifying a dragons mind against mental attack, and recipes for strength boosting dishes and drinks, and other related topics. They also found trapped magical beasts, valued for their incredible strength or some component that could be harvested from their body to fuel a ritual that would enhance the strength of the recipient.

Yarp Mirp Mirp!
August 9, 2010

As we goes into room after deady-killing firey ones. We see treasures and book. Someone’s decides to grabs book which makes giant shiny in ceiling shoot firey sparkies and then door starts. It have big fire-dragon thingy. It not real dragon, it made of fire. The fire-dragon him hard to hit. he melty floor and we slides down. We beats him and he gets to talkies, tells of his Master and how he want burny whole world. He talkies of we lets him live and give us many treasure. As he talks, drinky-ice wizard decides to kills it. It dies but now we no have way to get treasure. Treasure in melty rock river, the wizard and Mummy helpls by having melty rock river turn solid so we get tresaures. They have many thingies, I keep statue of Fishy that lets me have giant fishy to help me, and bow that is firey but it no have arrows, only very special arrow Peko must save. There many thingies, but there is map. It show us how to try get home. After we open treaure we see what in little hole in entrance, they have little firey ones. We grabs big bagggy water and decides to drowns them. Like when we drowns them ants…except whenever we does that we always have ants try bite, wonder what little firey ones want do to us?

Merp Yarp Yirp!
August 2, 2010

We comes out of hidey hole with drinky magic-one from him’s tower. It ams coldy cold. There be big sinky hole we goes into to avoid freezy bang thing from drinky magic-one’s house. The sinky hole ams biggy big and we goes down on lizards while drinky magic-one just floaties down. We sees only waters and Pico no likey goings underwaters, it am cold too. Am good that for no big watery icky-one likey the cold water. The ones that make head hurty am usually likes water that not move and be very calmy calm, so’s they makes the gooey goo in and make other berks into icky-ones. We goes with magic of drinky magic-one to gulpey waters ‘stead of airs. We bye-byes lizards and they’s must have killy-died since head hurtey and out likes sleepy bye Pico was. Pico wakey and see’s drinky magic-ones hidey place was sacked, it ams weirds since me sees half of town guard in there’s and many thingies melty. While Lizard lady and other’s spread loot, i looks for thingies, only finds that town guard armor am’s special. We give to spider-ridey kobold, him am s good trap. We sees metal there am rusty orangey and we looks around for them rusty bugs. Them am pesky, i hears about them from older Kobold, says them eat metaly parts and not likey rocks. Me wish me had big rock. We goes thru tunnel full of chewy bang-bats, some lookey crunchy like Crunchy-bang bugy. Must tell fatty Vakul about these, he am likey boths chewy bang and crunchy-bang too much. He am will love one be both chewy and crunchy. Then we keeps goings thru tunnely when we sees stairs. Stairs be dry and me not wanty to stay wet so i goes to lookey-look just to sees what am theres. It am’s very warmy theres, me feel gooder with warmey warm room. It am haves many shinies turning to melty shinies. Then doopey Kobold monk goes bangy on armors on other side of room, he no have sensy sense of trappy thingies. Armors that standey like warriors, ams warriors most of timey. Them ams hurty hurting monk and me calls out to drinky-one. He knows of fire magic one that teachy him. He come and freezy freeze thingies, then exit closed by rusty bugs that maybe makey lovey to lizards and them’s spawns came to hit us. It ams not good. The big doors opens that were armors was and it am havey huge melty one, Snakey magic-one use magicky thing to closey door on it. it ams funny. Me tries hitting melty one with cold shadow.

After we poofs the big firey the doors slams shuts, Pico thinkey he need goes off the springy-thingy that makes the bolty bolt thats coming. After the door opens…(Squiggles are found at the end of this paper, we assume the Kobold Pico must have run out of ink)}

Yarp Yip Yarp!
Piko finds no carpet!

Yarp Yarp! h1. Peko’s Journal: July 26.

We was about to rest up in Zarnoth, after we’s killed the black monk that turn to jelly icky-one with the acid. Torren need rest, he head become clutch for Squallid Spitter, he no listen to burn before touching icky-ones. Mummy said he make it better by blowing clutch up, it look ouchies. Yarp! And then we is about to rest, when Revan Mummy went look at icky-ones growing in trees, i look at what happen as icky-ones appear out nowheres, They was ouching monk and mummy. Me think me felt eyes looking at me, so me hidey and turn ghostey. I sees then more notseen icky-ones, one look like trees and one look like snakey. Piko is about to try killey icky-one when Dragonborn with shinyshiny armor hit them icky-ones. they’s splits and while Piko go see where they goes Colossal Icky-one come out of nowheres. He too big so Kobold run, we go into giant holeyhole which done by odd klicketyspring them Dragonborn have. We go follow lizardlady lead thru bad jungle, find sickysickjuice froggies. Yarp! then we goes find Dragonborn camps, Piko see they no have carpet. Carpet not real. There is no carpet, just like cake. Piko go down into giant klicketyspring they have and see many soldiers. Piko tell group and they just want to take giant klicketyspring thing that look like crabby. They forget about 100 soldiers in there. I’s just wanted take nice pointy stick from their Captain, but Piko know he here to killey icky-ones, not takey takey, not like poor Piro who take Izeel snake lady books to show Razakorex. He not seen ever again, dumbey dumb snake lady no listen to Razacorex, Piko shoulda killey snake lady but Razacorex say that what she likey. Piko no get snake people!

So we zappyzap to tower of Iceclaw, he no drunk. he too busy getting attacked, we go underground to holeyhole where he show us way to get back to Underdark. Me can’t wait tell Vakuul fat kobold about colossal icky-one and many icky-ones. Me show this, he tell Razacorex and we get rid of Icky-ones.

Traps, traps, and more traps!

On Monday of this week, I ran the third session of the campaign. The PCs, Raxacoriko, Durk and Gurk (two drunken spider riding kobolds), and Raukhiss, arrived via linked portal at the Lost Temple of Io in the Foulgrove Jungle. Eli immediately gathered the components and started the long process of enchanting a vial of holy water. Laszh and Peko decided to explore and quickly discovered a circle of petrified dragonborn inside a magic circle of protection which blocked the entrance to the temple ziggurat’s top level. After yelling for Torrin to take a look at the magic circle, Torrin stole Eli’s everburning torch and climbed up to where the others were. With a little work, Torrin managed to dispel the binding ward but while he was working Eli, Durk, Gurk, and Raukhiss were ambushed by a Dimensional Marauder and some Grue. Realizing that Grue feared the light, the party rushed to fend off the ambush and made short work of the grue.

Entering the Temple…

Session 2

Session two which happened last week had the players together at last. They emerged from a crack in the ground and rode into battle in the toxic Foulgrove Jungle on their riding lizards, slaying some Bullywug cultists and mutants, and rescuing four villagers from Sarnath before they could be sacrificed.

Questioning the villagers they learned much about the nearby layout of the surface. They learned of the village of Sarnath that is protected by a trio of druids who harness the power a sacred grove to defend the village, they learned of the dangers that lie within the Foulgrove Jungle, and the nearby cannibal cultist settlement of Sisrugug.

They set out to return the villagers to Sarnath and hoped to rest and get their bearings with the druid trio that defend the settlement, but encountered a band of Blackmoon slavers…the same band who had captured and sold the villagers to the cultists.

Playing the part of slavers themselves, the party led by the lizardfolk Laszh were able to ambush the slavers, free their slaves, and broke one Blackmoon prisoner under harsh interrogation. They learned of the Black Priests of the Blackmoon City who rule their people, the upcoming coronation of the crown prince of the Blackmoon, and of the slave trader’s island network. One of the newly rescued slaves was a kobold from Sirugug, the PCs bound and gagged the madman for his own safety.

Arriving in Sarnath, they faced a warm welcome as one of the villagers that they had rescued was the adopted daughter of the ranger warchief Spider, leader of the Sarnathi spider riders. It was here that they learned of the kindly old drunk wizard, Gauzzad Iceclaw, who dwelt at the edge of the Jungle in a white tower. Iceclaw though a drunk was still a potent frost mage, alchemist and a vicious ally of the Sarnathi (at least when he was sober). Before they could properly rest, the village was attacked by Sisrugug raiders and while the Sarnathi spider riders defended the village, the PCs discovered that Raukhiss the kobold from Sisrugug had escaped. Tracking him down and recapturing him they discovered that

  1. Raukhiss was one of the two remaining disciples of a secret order of Io in Sisrugug and that his kinsmen had captured and sold him to the Blackmoon slavers.
  2. Raukhiss had attempted to escape Sisrugug to warn the Sarnathi that Blind Azzhar and his twenty best lizardfolk had left the village undefended as they accompanied a Black Priest to the Lost Temple of Io in the Foulgrove Jungle.
  3. There is a secret complex that has been guarded by the disciples of Io under Sisrugug and it contained powerful magic that could close the dimensional cyst that covers the heart of the foulgrove and traps the Lost Temple.

The PCs convinced that Raukhiss spoke truth, were able to convince the Sarnathi to strike against their ancient foes to the south across the mudflats at the moment of their greatest weakness.

With the help of the spider riders the PCs were able to quickly conquer the village of Sisrugug and enter the hidden complex, guided to Raukhiss’s secret master and bypassing all the traps they found a dragon sized ritual book that contained powerful magic and after convincing Raukhiss’s master of their strength and skill of arms, they were entrusted with a reliquary containing a drop of the Blood of Io.

Deciding to visit the wizard Iceclaw before going after Blind Azzhar and the Black Priest, to learn if the wizard knew where the Lost Temple was…the PCs rushed off to find that the White Tower had been attacked by Sisrugug cultists, two of which were still frozen in quickly melting ice. Searching the tower in vain of the Wizard until Peko the Kobold discovered a secret passageway leading into a dungeon complex beneath, it was here that they found a wounded Iceclaw who offered to open a linked portal to the Lost Temple which he had found years earlier in his studies of the warping effects of Foulgrove Jungle.

One player absent
First proper session

Laszh’s player was out sick but today marked the first appearance of Eli the Yuan’ti Wizard and Pico the kobold Assassin. I reiterated a bit of exposition about what they’re characters lives have probably been like up until now. Underground dragon ruled police state with frequent purges and spies looking to root out Far Realm cultists. One of the PCs is from such a cabal of mad summoners and the other PC was exiled for using forbidden magical techniques.

The delvers were presented with magical potions of regeneration, as gifts from Razecorex the Green Witch. They were told to take Raxacoriko, her daughter, with them to the surface. Mistress Razecorex instructed them to investigate any rumors of the Divine, and see if they can find out what happened to Io the Silent God, in the past 100 years.

They have also been instructed to find a suitable site for a surface colony. The essential supplies needed by their underground city are running dangerously low.

The PCs attended a bonding ritual where they were telepathically linked to their riding lizards, and they were given 40 days worth of supplies each, assigned some kobold attendants, and loaded everything into rafts made from mushroom people for their journey to the surface.

More on that later.


Another successful campaign was waged in what the folk of Twin Trees have come to call the Darkling War, the sanctuaries continual fight against the monsters that dwell in the dark places that surround their underground haven. The delvers who managed to return from the battles against the Grell, arrived at the black gate of Twin Trees. Two of their number who had made a name for themselves in the battles against the twisted Grell, had been selected for an audience with Lady Razecorex, the defacto ruler of the hidden sanctuary.

However a sudden tremor, blocked their path with falling rocks and made them aware of a hidden force of Myconids that were burrowing into the fortresses food harvesting cellars. The two delvers joined forces with two kobold guards and were able to beat back the initial invasion force and save some farmers including Vux the Elder.

They had little time to worry before a kobold mining team restored access to the sealed sublevel, and the two delvers were conducted up to an audience with the Green Dragon witch Razecorex who desires that a colony be established on the surface, and has assembled a team of General Balasar’s finest delvers to lead an expedition to determine the situation on the surface and local a suitable site for a colony.

Furthermore, the expedition is to prioritize finding any religious idols and texts to further research into why Io refuses to answer prayers of supplication or ordain new warrior priests.

Lastly, they are supposed to take one of Razecorex’s wyrmling brood that is growing rebellious and let her stretch her wings underneath the Twin Suns.

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